Come share stories with of your time in Freiburg with fellow AYFers at one of our virtual Stammtische! Check out events page for a full list of dates.

The AYF Alumni Association

The AYF Alumni Association (AYFAA) is the U.S. Chapter of the AYF Alumni Club. If you are looking for the German Chapter of the AYF Alumni Club, please click here.

AYFAA is an independent nonprofit organization that is dedicated to maintaining a community of current and former AYF participants. One of our major service goals is to provide continuing networking opportunities for AYF Alumni, students, and friends of the program. In the near future, with your support, we plan to establish a fund that will support incoming AYF participants through competitive financial scholarships. Underpinning our aims is the advancement of positive relationships between Germany and America through educational and cultural experiences. Consider becoming a member today!

The AYFAA board of directors meets regularly to conduct business, share ideas, and explore opportunities. All members are welcome to attend these meetings. 

Through upcoming networking events, you can connect with other AYF Alumni, students, and friends. Stay connected, and help us ensure that future generations of AYFers can thrive during their time abroad and beyond.

We welcome everyone to our group who shares these goals.

About AYF

The Academic Year in Freiburg study abroad program first began in 1961, then known as Junior Year in Freiburg or JYF. Today the program brings together four universities; The University of Wisconsin Madison, University of Michigan, Michigan State University, and the University of Iowa.

The program gives 30-60 students the chance to live in student housing, take classes at the Albert-Ludwig’s University of Freiburg, and go on occasional cultural excursions. While program participants fully immerse themselves in the German culture, the AYF program’s associate director and resident director are always available for participants to have a fun and successful year abroad.